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Why is Beekeeping & Bee Removal Experience Crucial in Properly Removing Bees & Wasps?

Our parent company is a large, Tucson based commercial beekeeping company called Arizona Bee Products. It has been in business since 1970. One of its founders is Thomas Martin, who is an Apicultural Researcher. He also founded Litchfield Park Bee Removal Company in 1980, and is the president of Litchfield Park Bee Removal Company. In 1988, it was clear to Thomas Martin and other experienced beekeepers in our parent company Arizona Bee Products that African honeybees were going cross the US Mexico border and quickly expand into Arizona.

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For over 40 years Thomas Martin has been a commercial beekeeper and honey and pollen producer following his family tradition of Litchfield Park beekeeping and pollination service as a Litchfield Park bee farmer with several thousand beehives. During the 1970s, he also worked as an Apiculture Researcher for the US Department of Agriculture at the USDA Carl Hayden Honeybee Research Laboratory in Litchfield Park, Arizona. During that time, Thomas Martin gained extensive knowledge about honeybees, their unique behaviors, bee biology and the comparative morphology of different honeybee bee species. Because of his commercial beekeeping experience, bee removal experience, wasp removal experience, honeycomb removal experience and his research work at that USDA Federal Bee Lab, Thomas Martin left the USDA Carl Hayden Honeybee Research Laboratory in Litchfield Park, Arizona, to do field beekeeping research for otherLitchfield Park beekeeping companies and beekeeping services. Because of his reputation as a honeybee and beekeeping expert, Thomas Martin was hired by Arizona Bee Products who had beehives and honey farms in Litchfield Park. Thomas Martin has worked for Litchfield Park Bee Removal Company ever since.

Many homeowners in Litchfield Park are part time winter residents and not at home to notice when an African Bee Colony goes into a cavity on their home or property. Therefore, they may not be able to call a Litchfield Park bee removal specialist or call a Litchfield Park beekeeper when the bees first arrive. Without general public awareness of this problem, many Africanized bee colonies quickly become established in a vacant home, and neighbors are not sure what to do. Valuable time is lost, and the colony becomes aggressive as the bees defend their hive and more serious bee attacks and bee stinging incidents occur and increase neighborhood public danger. In little time, bee populations can become lethal, increase the number of individual beehives in a neighborhood, and truly earn the name Africanized Killer Bees. Call the Litchfield ParkBee Experts at Litchfield Park Bee Removal Company, and DON'T RISK THE DAMAGE OF A POORLY DONE BEE REMOVAL JOB!

Any pest control applicator who applies pesticides to kill, treat, or control bees in Litchfield Park, is regulated and required to be licensed by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Office of Pest Management. Despite the fact that our bee removal and wasp removal specialists are all trained Litchfield Park bee keepers and bee removal specialists and are bee experts, we are also required by the Arizona Department of Agriculture, Office of Pest Management to surpass the regulations and standards of all other pest control operators who do termite and pest control, not solely exterminate bees and wasps. Therefore, Litchfield Park Bee Removal State Licensed and Arizona Department of Agriculture Certified Bee Removal Specialists have far more bee and wasp removal and extermination experience and have much more bee removal training, bee removal expertise and beekeeping knowledge than any Litchfield Parkpest control applicators that are trained only in general pest control. Therefore, our bee removal specialists provide you with a huge advantage over using pest control applicators trained only in Litchfield Park pest control.

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Some Litchfield Park residents erroneously believe the "honeybees" that they see at their home, are not Africanized bees or Killer Bees and therefore these Litchfield Park homeowners do not think that bees should be exterminated. Also, many Litchfield Park homeowners mistakenly believe that African honeybees will leave or move on from an irrigation valve box, overhang eave, soffit, rafter, gable, a storage shed, floor, conex container, perimeter patio block wall, stucco wall, garage wall foundation, stucco pillar, bird board, vent board, scupper, drain pipe, rain gutter, viga beam, parapet, cricket, tile roof, shingle roof, roof vent, vacant or foreclosed house. Once bees go into these cavities, they will not leave, and precious time is lost because the bees are not aggressive when they were first noticed. Also, there is no Free Bee Removal Service and beekeepers in all of Arizona are forced to exterminate African bee swarms that move into their commercial beehives.

Commercial beekeeping and bee removal is extremely hard work, especially doing beekeeping in Litchfield Park, Arizona. Commercial beekeeping requires a beekeeper to wear a full heavy protective beekeeper suit. Although the beekeeping suits help reduce the bees stings, commercial beekeepers in Litchfield Park must have the ability to sustain getting stung many times every day, while working in the extreme heat that exits in the Arizona agricultural farm land and deserts. During his commercial beekeeping field research and work, Thomas Martin knew that once African honeybees crossed the Mexico, Arizona border, beekeeping in Arizona would likely change forever. In the future, any progressive beekeeping company would have to be equipped, and knowledgeable to fight this invasive, aggressive species of African honeybees and develop safe, effective bee removal and honeycomb removal methods to successfully remove bees and honeycomb from residential and commercial homes and building structures.

As Arizona law requires a company to be a licensed pest control company in order to control any pest, the chore of becoming a pest control company was completed in early 1993. Hence, our company, Litchfield Park Bee Removal Company was founded immediately after it completed the rigorous task of becoming a Licensed Pest Control Company, and with our unique beekeeping heritage, became the first true bee removal, wasp removal and honeycomb removal specialists in Arizona serving Litchfield Park.